Developed with the help of SelkirkPro and US Open Champion Glen Peterson, the Omni paddle has an elongated shape with a short handle.


The shorter handle allows the Omni to have a bigger surface area, and thus a larger sweet spot than traditional elongated paddles that are skinnier. Many players who want an elongated paddle with better control will use the Omni in doubles play. Table tennis players and people who play with their finger on the paddle also often gravitate towards the Omni because of its shorter handle that doesn’t get in the way. If you need the reach of an elongated paddle without sacrificing consistency and a nice sweet spot, the Omni shape is ideal for you.

** Information to come **

• Performance
• Larger Sweetspot
• Reduces vibration for a solid feel
• Reduces twisting on off-center hits
• Neutralizes Ball Differences
• Improved Sound
• Face Cushioning
• Cushions the ball for spin
• Well Balanced


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