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Tony Morgan is passionate about growing the sport of badminton and  has been connecting with local schools and coaching juniors since 2009.
PB Sports is currently, the only Badminton sport provider for the ‘Sporting Schools‘ government grant program operating in Newcastle & the Hunter region.

Our Badminton coaching services also includes –

* small group training

* private ‘one-on-one’ coaching

* clinics & demonstrations

Coaching sessions normally run out of the Hunter Badminton Centre located in Wickham, but we are happy to travel to the client as well. So whether it’s learning the basics or honing up your skills, contact Tony directly and find out more…

My understanding of the game, how and when to make a shot and footwork around the court has improved dramatically, since beginning coached by Tony.   This is due to his tips and patience.  Thank you for introducing me to a whole new game.

Jane M

Club member, Hunter Badminton

The badminton is amazing. Every time I go to badminton, I get so excited. I learn so much every time I go. I highly recommend badminton with Tony.


Student, 6th Grade, St Josephs

Learning Badminton was such a great experience. Our wonderful coach, Tony, had a lot of patience for our class, especially seeing that our class is often pretty rowdy. I know that I have learnt a lot about Badminton and it was an extremely fun experience.

Montana C

Student, 6th Grade, St Josephs



At PB Sports we also specialize in sports development by working with community groups, schools and organizations to implement, develop and improve both Badminton and Pickleball. We focus on progression and help our clients achieve their own goals.

Owner Tony Morgan believes strongly in the importance of sport in everyday lives and brings over 10 years’ experience in sports administration, including club (local), regional and state associations.

Contact us to discuss your sports development needs or ask about our Free Sport Demonstrations.

Tony is a professional and passionate coach who has delivered a highly engaging badminton sports program for our school. His patience, knowledge and positive attitude allows him to seamlessly deliver high quality sessions, regardless of the age and ability of the students involved. Thanks Tony!

Mr James Mahony

Year 6 Teacher, St Josephs

PB Sports sells Carlton Badminton products

Email us for details



Tony Morgan is the Manager and owner of PB Sports. With over 10 years’ experience in sports administration & coaching, Tony brings passion and enthusiasm to both Badminton and Pickleball.

Tony has been playing Badminton for 25 years and Pickleball since its introduction into NSW in late 2017.

Tony has created PB Sports to deliver professional Badminton coaching & development as well as to connect the public with Australia’s latest sporting craze – Pickleball.

Let Tony and PB Sports – Bring out your Personal Best.